Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ummm...i still have this?

Sooooo...its been a while since i wrote. i got to a point where i don't like to write because i'm not sure if what i have to say is that important. Not trying to make people feel for me but why is what i have to say important for people to read? not sure but i am bored now and just wanted to write. so i remembered this and thought to myself...sure i will write something. Not sure what but just start writing. so here i am. I think i'll write many things that i have thought of recently, but just be aware i will avoid all politics...not because i don't care, but because i don't care...mostly meaning that i have personal views and opinions but i don't care to share with the world...if you want to know call me and we will chat. i'm not going on rants on why i think this or that. anyways thats all the politics i will write. thank you and good night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost Season 6

I have so many thoughts on Lost and the final seasons I just needed to write them out! First off how crazy is it that this is the last season! After 6 years (amazing 6 years) they will end the show and answer our questions! That is pretty dope! But now for some thoughts on lost...FYI there are SPOLIER ALERTS for those who haven’t seen the latest episode The Substitute. Many spoilers for other one but you’ve had time to see them now!

1st: what is going on with the parallel universe thingy? Well we knew things would be different this seasons. They hit us with flash back and showed how each person was connected to one another. Then they hit us with the flash forwards where we saw the life these people would lead after they left. Now we are getting what some call the flash sideways. Something that is happening at the same time. I hear the writers are not calling it a parallel universe because that would infer they were different. So some freaky lost stuff but I think it works. There is so much different about this universe yet so much familiar as well. The interactions we see with the others (who never made it to the island) and the losties (who also never made it to the island) is a great thing to see this season. (Desmond and Jack…I know Desmond wasn’t an other but he was on the island before the crash, Goodspeed and Claire, and now SPOLIER ALERT!!! Locke and Ben.) So is this universe a What If… or is it really what is happening? One note not my own but from Doc Jensen’s All about lost theory’s he points out how it seems The Sideways universe does have some connections with the island (kate see jack at the airport and has a look of…I think I know you, or jack meets desmond and they talk like they have met in the past!), plus something with mirrors in restrooms has been a theme this year (Jack looking in the mirror on the plane, Kate looking at the mirror in the gas station and SPOLIER ALERT!!! Locke looks in the mirror in the bathroom) I think it will all come together on a specific date for lost. (Special numbers! 4,8,15,16,23,42, 108)

2nd: So what is smoky/MIB/fLocke/Locke-ness monster? New and old question! We have seen big smoky since early on and now we are finding out more about him…but new questions arise based on the last episode (The Substitute) He makes some statements about himself (SPOILER ALERT!!!) I was once a man…I know how to feel…blah blah blah! So was he was a person that some how got suckered into being the island’s hitman? My belief about the feelings is that he knows them because of the identities he has taken on. But there are great theory’s on this out there. I love it though that the big smoky now has a character and identity. I loved in the substitute how you see this playing out.

3rd: Jacob…is he “God” of the island? And now is he dead? This is probably the greatest question that will be answered because I think this is the key to the whole island. Obviously we have heard the name Jacob for a while. He has had a presence on the island and in the lives of the plane crash survivors. Who is Jacob and why is he the islands “guardian” or “leader”? I believe that we will find out what the island is through Jacob. I think he along with smoky, Richard, and the dead spirits all play specific roles on this island and Jacob kind of takes on the main role here. We get and idea SPOILER ALERT!!! That Jacob brought the Losties there because he believes that they could replace him and possibly others to watch over and lead the island. I can’t wait to see this play out and see where the Jacob and Locke-ness story goes.

EDIT: Thought i forgot was what is up with the island in the sideways was underwater like we saw the first minutes of the opening episode...What happened? did the bomb sink it? if so why was so much of the island still intact? Great question that i am sure will be answered!

Well just a few thoughts. I have loved it so far…maybe knowing it will all end helps me enjoy each episode even more. All the little nuances in these episodes have been great as well (killer whale, polar bears…all the little easter eggs!). How will it end…most say everyone will die…I think some how the sideways universe will collide with the island universe where they will have all these memories of each other and remember the island. Although I love how Doc Jensen says it will end:

His resolution is this: In the end, Locke will be resurrected and given eternal life and will assume Jacob's role in the Island's function. As I said two weeks ago: I predict the final scene of Lost will be a redux of the Jacob/Man In Black conversation on the beach scene from last season's finale — instead this time, it'll be John Locke in Jacob's place. As for his adversary, he'll be wearing a new identity — that of Benjamin Linus. It ends with this:

Fake Ben: Do you know how badly I want to kill you right now?

And then Locke looks at him with a knowing glint — and they laugh

Well that’s all I have for now. I am very pleased with this show and how its going to end. I want to buy the first 5 seasons now and watch them all in some crazy marathon. Here is a link to some great insight on Lost and where I get some of my info from…and where I got the hopeful ending.,,20313460,00.html

Monday, September 28, 2009


ODST came out Tuesday September 22nd. On Friday Sept 25th I beat the game on Heroic. Now I am playing it out again on Legendary. Here is my review of the game and what I have played on it so far.

So as soon as I got the game I was excited. Many said its another Halo game…what’s gonna be good about this one…or whatever it doesn’t have the Master Chief so its gonna suck. Recently I’ve been getting more into the stories of Halo and reading the books. So I was supper excited to play this game. *SPOILER ALERTS!* I won’t give to much away but I will have some stuff from the game.

It starts out on the ship with your team of ODST ( Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) being prepped for the jump. As you jump, a slipstream disrupts you and your teams path. Then black…

You awaken and you start off. You play as the Rookie, but you encounter things that bring about flashbacks. During the flashback you play as other members of the team you were on. This is a unique part of the game. Each character is in there own unique situation and each one is trying to find other teammates. I think this brings a lot to Halo and the stories. We see Other soldiers who actually talk and have a story to bring…the Master Chief has a lot but we don’t see it in the first 3 Halo’s. Anyways this part makes the game fun. Fighting is different…you are not as strong so you have to take cover much more…the game has a different strategy because of this. Ammo is sparse so finding it and learning what will work (ex. Plasma to take down brute armor) is key.

The story of the Rookie is wide open…there are closed off areas of the maps but a lot of open space to explore as well. Hidden items and weapon caches are scattered through out the city. These are worth searching for and will come in handy. Grenades because your best friend as well. Sticky grenades are a quick way to eliminate enemies.

Firefight mode is new and fun. It’s basically a survival mode where enemies come and your goal is to not die. I was playing by myself and survived for over an hour before I had to go and eat…so that will be fun to get on live and play with people.

SO great game play…graphics are top…story is awesome. Overall…amazing.

Game play 9/10

Graphics 10/10

Story 9.5/10

Overall 9.5/10

Thanks for reading…more post to come.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One day at a time

So i want to be a Big Loser....a giangantic one infact! Let me go back a few thoughts...right now i am working on losing some wieght. I've gain a bit a wieght of the last few years and its been disapointing. I've told myself i would lose wieght and haven't done anything, haven't changed anything, until now. I've put my self on a pretty tight calorie program, trying to count everything i eat as well as exercise i do. So my staring wieght was 280. that was monday. THis morning i wieght 275. So i already lost 5 pounds. My goal is 250 by October and 220 eventually. but i wanted to set a goal i know i can reach first. So i am not aon a diet but i am counting my calories. Making sure i am keeping them low. I am watching my portions as well. Being very picky about keeping close to what a portion is. With that i also am running 3 times a week a walking daily. Its only been 3 days but with the help of my awesome wife (who also is doing this with me to support me) i think that i'll be good. And i am not losing wieght because i want to be skinny. I am looking at the health risk of being this heavy. So anyways like i said i want to be a Gigantic loser!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ed, Farra, Jacko...Billy Mays

Wow what a crazy week with the celebrity deaths...lots of famous peeps are dieing and getting a lot of news for it. The one i think that has been crazy is Jackos death. I know he's huge and he did a lot for music...but come on. Its Micheal "i like to sleep with children, i have a monkey as my bff, i want the elaphant mans bones" Jackson. People seem to foget hte whacky when someone dies, but what made me most...distraught...sad...and just mad at this was the way its was being reported. I was watching the evening news and fliped to a few news chanels as well...all i saw was coverage on michael jacksons death...not the stuff going on in Iran with people rioting and dieing, not the fact that crazy north korea wants to nuke hawaii on the 4th, nothing that really maters! What about all the other people in the world that died as well on that day. Yes i understand it was news...but the first 15-20 mins of the evening news dedicated to him...A man that was a sicko and had some wierd habbits and likes...i just don't get it and it makes me sad to see what we as a society want to hear about...we talk about being so in touch with things and wanting to bring peace to the world...yet we don't want to know whats really happening. We care about 1 person dieing rather than the thousands who are dieing, who are dieing for what they believe in. Not dieing because they wouldn't eat right and was taking pain pills...if the world ends when the mians say it will...then i hope people start changing there views soon

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie reviews and life as i see it

So once again i am starting this up...its been a while since i posted. Not much as far as life with me has happened but i do want to just to give updates. So I've been wanted to write a review for the movie "X-men Origin - Wolverine" but i took a long time because i wanted to really want to absorb what i saw on screen...being a fan of the comic character Wolverine. So here is what i have to say about it officially:
7 out of 10. I think i give it that much because its wolverine. The movie is exciting and some cool action follows the origins pretty closely. But it veers off a bit and the story didn't seemed a developed as i would have liked it. Wolverine is a character with a lot of darkness in his past. A lot happened to him before he got to the point that the movie took over. I know they didn't want to cover would have been way to much, but still...they rushed alot of stuff t get to the adimantium on his bones. And sabertooth and a brother...not digging on that. I know everyone says it is implied in the origins story on wolverine comics but its never a definite. To have them be brothers makes since, because they both have extreem healing factors but there are other explinations for that likeness (same heritage...)So brothers...not digging that. The bone claws looked crappy and the metal claws claws looked worse too me. Deadpool got too little time (he should have had his own movie to beggin with) and the other guys...wasn't digging their characters much either. Leiv as Sabertooth though was perfect to me. He portrayed the cunning and smart sabertooth,...not the lame ogre sabertooth from the xmen movie. and now huge jackman...i thought he was good in the xmen movies, but now he seems lame as the character. idon't believe he has gone through hell and back...i don't believe hes a trained killer. I just don't like him as wolverine. If you read the comics i think you can agree with me...huge jackman is no wolverine. Glen Danzig should have been wolverine....but thats a whole nother thing. So anyways that is my rambling on wolverine. Now i finished it i think i convinced my self it should be like 6 out of 10 instead.

So on a little more serious note...Our pastor Kevin gave a great message out of Philipians 2:1-2 today about God's goodness, striving for that, and the church united in one purpose...Glorifying God in all we do. I love our church and thats that for now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

silly putty...hours of fun and hurting hands

So i just got some silly putty...i know its old school and its a strange thing to get...but i never realized how much fun silly putty is...its a great stress reliever as well. Just sitting at my desk squeezing it helps the day pass a little bit faster. And when i'm stressed...just squeezing and pulling it helps. Its also fun to make shapes and watch it melt back into a putty. Its truely the solid liquid. But warning...if you squeeze it all day your hands will hurt. I was typing and my hands felt very heavey and i couyldn't figure out why, until i started to squeeze my putty yeah just wanted to share my random thought on the most entertaining thing i have right now (even more then my xbox, ipod, iphone, car, dvds, and whatever) silly putty is awesome!


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